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Doing Time with God

After being robbed and shot at an ATM on his way to work in 1988, Bill Dyer was locked up in a prison of anger, hatred, and resentment.  While railing against God, a journey of faith began that has since come full circle – out of personal darkness and into the light of God’s healing presence in prisons.

Join Bill in a candid conversation about the lessons learned including:

  • Understanding why we miss God’s presence
  • Sharing stories for purposes of peace
  • Following The Way of Jesus
  • Breaking through mental walls of un-forgiveness
  • Receiving God’s love for healing and forgiveness
  • Escaping our inner prisons 

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The Responses From This Program

“Bill Dyer connects with people. He has a presence, posture, voice and story that are compelling for people — especially people caught in the drudgery of ordinary faith and life…” – Dr. Robert Sharman, Jamestown Presbyterian Church

“It is something I wish I had years earlier when my husband was tragically killed in a motorcycle race.I know I carried around A LOT of anger and got stuck. It took me a while to move on with my life.” – Kathy Chase

“Bill knows from first hand experience that forgiveness is at the heart of the Gospel.” – The Rev. Frank Dew, New Creation Community Church

“Your talk stayed with me and helped me through these last 7 1/2 weeks when my husband had a heart attack, open heart surgery, and a stroke.” – Mary Anne Goslen

“This hit home with me. It has touched me profoundly. I lived a sad life for so long. It’s already causing transformation.” – Dorette Aparicio

“Bill, I have only met you one time, but part of Me is You because you have influenced my life.” – Larry Howard

“Every day is a challenge of the heart, mind, and spirit. I was deeply touched. Your experiences were a beacon of light to my own.” – Jennifer Croom

“Bill truly understands the healing power of forgiveness. His story if life-giving and real.” – The Rev. Elaine Kebba

“I awaken a little differently today than before your story.” – Ken Paisely