Mission of Restored Life Journeys
The mission of Restored Life Journeys is to create safer and more peaceful and productive communities by connecting victims of violence with inmates in ways that foster healing, rehabilitation, and reconciliation – thereby reducing the recidivism rate, number of crime victims, and taxpayer burden. The spiritual mission is to co-create a space where victims and offenders experience the transforming power of God’s love.
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What Is Restorative Justice?
Restored Life Journeys accomplishes its mission by facilitating programs based on The Restorative Justice Model, which emphasizes the involvement of victims, offenders and the community in the criminal justice system.

The primary objectives of Restorative Justice are (from Restorative Justice: An Overview, 1998):

To attend fully to the victim’s (and those close to the victim) material, financial, emotional and social needs
To prevent recidivism by integrating offenders into the community
To enable offenders to assume active responsibility for their actions
To re-create a working community that supports the rehabilitation of offenders and victims and is active in preventing crime
To provide a means of avoiding the escalation of legal justice and its associated costs and delays

To enhance public safety

"It (this book) shows the reconciling power of God's love in our openness and vulnerability - the way to Peace.  Read this book.  It is a wake-up call." -Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, Author of Dead Man Walking
This Program is Needed
“For all the money spent on corrections today, there hasn’t been a clear and convincing return for public safety. The national prisoner return rates are likely to remain steady unless states more deeply embrace programs that better prepare offenders for re-entry… We know so much more today than we did 30 years ago when prisons became the weapon of choice in the fight against crime.” –   Adam Gelb, director of the Public Safety Performance Project